Yoga Mouth Studio Summer Camps: Additional Information

We are thrilled to welcome our trusted partner Yoga Mouth Studio back to the TNCS Campus this summer. Details on this page are provided by Yoga Mouth Studio.

Welcome Letter

Hi Campers and Families!

We are excited to have you join us this Summer. We’d like to give you an overview of what to expect so your camper feels confident to jump right in!

Our camps utilize an evidence-informed curriculum integrating mindfulness science and resilience training through: movement, music, sound exploration, meditation, fitness, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) grappling, mindful self defense philosophy, educational videos that touch on themes and discussions we have in camp, and daily crafts reinforcing mindful concepts. 

About 85% of the camp is movement based every day. Your camper will be very active! Please make sure they are dressed in comfortable breathable clothing with plenty of healthy snacks and water. 

Please make sure you and your camper are familiar with BJJ and feel comfortable participating in our activities all week. It is an important part of our mission and our mindful messaging. Beginners are encouraged to explore with us in this fun setup!

We have over 20 years of experience teaching students of all ages and abilities. If you have any additional questions regarding BJJ, or your camper has special movement or learning needs, we are happy to adapt to make sure they feel confident and comfortable. Please reach out to TNCS to contact us so we can make arrangements in advance.

We are here to meet your camper where they are and support them to feel empowered in self defense for mind and body!

Kristi and Fael Jenkins
Yoga Mouth Studio

Healthy Snacks

Students participating in Week 7: Warriors of Wellness will make heathy snacks as part of the daily curriculum.

All snacks are sugar-free and tree-nut free. We will provide milk-free alternatives to dairy options.

Healthy snacks that we may prepare in camp are:

  • Cucumber, herb and cream cheese (non dairy will be provided) whole wheat finger sandwiches
  • Butterfly Pea iced tea
  • Chia pudding with coconut milk or soy milk
  • Graham crackers and sunbutter snacks
  • Fruit juice popsicles
  • Mixed fruit kabobs
  • Fresh salsa and corn tortilla chips
  • Celery and sunbutter (or cream cheese) with raisins

Multimedia & Videos

Yoga Mouth utilizes multimedia sources from educational shows, movies, and online educational content as part of the camp curriculum to give students a multi-sensory approach to learning mindfulness and spotting themes in popular culture. 

While there are days when no video media will be used, every day has an option to include a video segment, based on interest in a particular topic and requests for learning alternatives to engage deeper discussion.  All media content is G rated/Youth rated, and aligns to themes that have been discussed and introduced in camp. Students are supervised during these viewings, and instructors regularly pause to discuss and ask questions and tie content into the theme to deepen learning. Video content is limited to no more than 30 minutes/day. The list below details the complete selection that Yoga Mouth may choose from:

Online short educational video content*: 

  • Tuvan Throat Singing concerts
  • Singing Bowl sounds
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu grappling demonstrations
  • Hindu mythology images and historical shorts

Excerpts from movies and shows*:

  • Elemental 
  • Inside Out
  • Orion and the Dark
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy
  • Waffles and Mochi

*All video content is used in compliance with the Fair Use doctrine under US Copyright statues. Yoga Mouth can provide alternative “screen free” activities and supervision to support students whose families may require them, but must be informed of this need in advance.


Sign the Yoga Mouth Waiver

You must submit an additional waiver in order for your child to attend Yoga Mouth camps.