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Located in historic Fell’s Point, The New Century School offers an independent private school option to families in Baltimore, MD. Our approach aims to instill a lifelong love of learning in every child. Some unique aspects of TNCS include our emphasis on world cultures and language acquisition as well as art and music instruction.

Our Core Values

At The New Century School, we are committed to providing each child the opportunity to become an independent, secure, and balanced human being. This emerges through emphasis on our Core Values: Compassion, Courage, Respect, and Service.

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Meet Erika Johnson: TNCS's New Head of School!

At TNCS, the 2022–2023 school year not only marks a decade since opening as TNCS, but it also brings the TNCS community a new Head of School. As Head, Erika Johnson has an important message for us: One school, One program, One community. Meet Ms. Johnsons and join our vibrant community on our official school blog, Immersed!

Published: September 16, 2022
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Yujie Peng Takes Over Mandarin Chinese Instruction at TNCS!

Since its inception, multilingualism has been an integral part of TNCS’s identity, with instruction provided in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese as well as English. We welcome new teacher Yujie Peng to take over Mandarin Chinese instruction for the 2022–2023 school year; meet her on our official school blog, Immersed!

Published: December 2, 2022
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Guest Blogger Ann Marie Simonetti Offers Musings on Gratitude!

With Thanksgiving and the season of giving and gratitude upon us, Ann Marie Simonetti, TNCS’s Director of Admissions and Marketing and Montessori Programming Advisor, was inspired to share her deeper thoughts on gratitude as Immersed Guest Blogger. See how gratitude connects so beautifully with the Montessori ethos on our official school blog, Immersed!

Published: November 23, 2022
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Introducing Stephen Billhardt, TNCS's New Interim Director of Preschool!

Since its inception 10 years ago, TNCS has certainly grown into more than a preschool, having expanded to comprise both Lower and Upper School divisions. But in many ways, TNCS’s youngest students are still at its heart, and the lower school requires specialized guidance. Meet Stephen Billhardt, TNCS’s new Interim Director of Preschool, on our official school blog, Immersed!

Published: November 4, 2022
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Check-In with Mr. B: How Is TNCS Science "Faring"?

Rob Brosius is TNCS’s very own “Science Guy.” Mr. B’s students engage with real-life science under his tutelage with field trips all over the city to see science in action. See how they’re “gearing up” for this year’s STEM Expo on our official school blog, Immersed!

Published: November 11, 2022
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Sierra McNeill Writes a New Chapter for Herself and for TNCS!

Sierra McNeill moved to Baltimore last April and joined TNCS for the 2022–2023 school year as ELA teacher for grades 4–8. Read all about her exciting new chapter on our official school blog, Immersed!

Published: October 14, 2022
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Alexis Boyd Joins TNCS as Director of Student Support!

The first thing you’ll notice about Director of Student Support Alexis Boyd is that she’s always smiling! The position is new at TNCS, combining elements of the Deanship and Counselor, but as we’ll see, Ms. Boyd wears both hats perfectly! Soak up some of her positive energy on our official school blog, Immersed!

Published: October 7, 2022
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Music Is in the Air: TNCS Welcomes Back Martellies Warren!

Do you hear what I hear? That’s the sound of TNCS students joining together in beautiful harmony. Martellies Warren has rejoined TNCS as Director of Music and Extended Activities to the delight of the entire TNCS Community! Hear how Mr. Warren came to reprise his role on our official school blog, Immersed!

Published: September 23, 2022
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TNCS on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Where Do We Stand?

TNCS embraces DEI wholeheartedly as part of its mission. Last school year, the TNCS Parent Council’s Anti-Racism and Social Justice Committee surveyed the TNCS community about race- and social justice–related issues. See what TNCS’s race climate is on our official school blog, Immersed!

Published: September 17, 2021
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Talking the Talk: Benefits of Multilingual Education at TNCS!

The benefits of multilingualism are universally accepted, but emerging research adding to the canon continues to expand on and elucidate their real, measurable effects. TNCS’s latest round-up of this research makes clear that enrolling your child in a multilingual education program gives them huge advantages now and in adulthood. See what’s got everybody talking on our official school blog, Immersed!

Published: May 14, 2021
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