TNCS: More than a School, a Community

Education reformists are clear that cooperation between school and home is essential to meeting a child’s needs, and parent involvement is where that connection is made.

From volunteering to participating in school events, each TNCS family is a member of our diverse community and a partner and stakeholder in our students’ success.

Everyone at TNCS is also a member of our surrounding community, and we participate yearlong in community outreach initiatives. These take the form of student projects in the classroom as well as school-wide initiatives in which parents can also take part.

Involve the whole family—grandparents, other family members, and family friends can fulfill your volunteer time, too!

Attending Social Events

Attending Social Events

TNCS offers a variety of events throughout the semester for you to get to know other families and staff:

  • Pot luck dinners
  • School picnics
  • Musical performances
  • Back-to-school nights
  • Information nights
  • Town Hall meetings
  • . . . And more!

Celebrating Birthdays

Celebrating Birthdays

We welcome you to celebrate your child’s birthday with the class. Share a photo collage, timeline, or other memento that celebrates who he or she is. You are also welcome to share muffins or a healthy treat with the class. Whether you can attend or not, your child’s teachers and fellow students will make your child’s birthday special.

Connecting with Your Childs_class

Connecting with Your Child’s Class

Parents help teach meaningful content to students through unique classroom presentations. We welcome you to:

  • Teach one of your customs
  • Profile your profession
  • Prepare a special food
  • Read a story
  • Show and tell about your country or state of origin

Volunteering at School or at Home

Families volunteer 10 hours per school-year performing specific school services or by sharing their talents and skills.

Volunteer opportunities are shared regularly. Use your hours to spend time with your child’s class, or volunteer from home—whatever works best for your schedule! TNCS makes volunteering rewarding, convenient, and fun.

You can also use your professional expertise to help out, such as by taking photographs or helping with tech support. Together, we make TNCS the vibrant community it is.

Ways You Might Help

  • Providing professional services
  • Setting up for a school event
  • Giving a class presentation
  • Demonstrating a science or engineering concept
  • Running an arts and crafts project
  • Collating and stapling class materials at home
  • Bringing home preschool class mats to launder
  • Chaperoning field trips
  • Cataloging library books
  • Maintaining school grounds
  • Helping in the greenhouse
  • Fundraising