All Natural, Healthy School Lunch

TNCS offers school lunch daily. Each school lunch menu has been carefully crafted as well as student-tested and approved. Menus are adapted seasonally to reflect what is growing locally.

Two sizes are available: Regular lunch is ideal for preschool and younger elementary students; our larger size is an option for older elementary and middle school students.

Our program features wholesome, in-season food that is locally sourced or organic whenever possible.

Our Greenhouse

Every TNCS student spends time in the school’s greenhouse. The greenhouse is a magical place where students help to grow fruits and vegetables while they learn about sustainable environmental practices. School lunches frequently include fresh produce from our greenhouse.

Healthy Eating

Helping children understand the importance of healthy eating is a part of every child’s experience at TNCS. In addition to supervised time in our greenhouse, all students also have frequent opportunities to prepare and eat nutritious foods in class. For those who want more cooking practice, Cooking Club is offered as an after school activity during certain times of the year. Low-sugar options are encouraged during bake sales and when treats are brought to school, and candy is not allowed on our campus. Our Ozone Snack Bar is open during select days and times where elementary and middle school students may purchase healthy snacks and beverages.

Lunch Program Pricing

All TNCS lunches are vegetarian and nut-free. Enroll here >

Monthly Lunch Rate Daily Lunch Rate
20 Lunches: $148/mo (regular); $170/mo (large)
Sign up by the 25th to start lunch the following month.

$9.00/day (regular)
$10.00 (large)

Perfect if your child only needs school lunch occasionally.


Sample Weekly Lunch Menu

The following menu provides a sampling of lunches offered at TNCS.

Faux chicken nuggets, mac-n-cheese, peas or other seasonal vegetables, fresh-cut fruit, and milk.



Two-cheese quesadilla, black beans, fresh-cut fruit, and milk.
Cheese ravioli, cucumber and grape tomato salad or other seasonal vegetables, fresh-cut fruit, and milk.
Veggie stir-fry, cheese stick, cucumbers or other seasonal vegetable, roll, fresh-cut fruit, and milk.
Pizza Friday! Veggie sticks & ranch dressing, fresh-popped corn, fresh-cut fruit, and milk.

Running behind schedule? You can sign up by 10:00 am if your child needs lunch on any particular day.

Kelly Mother

My kids have been on the school lunch program since it began—they come home asking me to make food like they get at school.

Kelly H.