Academic Focus: Inquiry-Based Learning

The cornerstone of TNCS’s academic programs is inquiry-based learning. We don’t want our students just learning facts; inquiry-based learning starts with a question or a problem that the student then seeks to resolve through research and exploration.

As a result, TNCS students are open-minded and curious about the world around them. They welcome a challenge, and they welcome the work required to meet that challenge. They are willing to take risks because they understand that, often, the most valuable learning comes when you try, fall, get up, and try again.

Our independent, progressive methods place equal emphasis on academics and the arts.

“Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I understand.”

—Ben Franklin

Mixed Aged Classrooms

Mixed-Aged Classrooms

Our mixed-aged classrooms provide a unique learning opportunity and a positive social experience. They encourage students to learn from, take responsibility for, and respect each other. Class size is kept purposefully small, and classrooms are arenas where creativity, inquisitiveness, and passion are demonstrated daily.

Individualized Instruction

Individualized Instruction

As part of our mission to facilitate independence, TNCS educators believe strongly that self-motivation goes hand in hand with self-esteem. Through project-based learning and guided discovery, individual instructor attention accelerates learning; students are immersed in a unique experience in which their contributions are part of the outcome.

Language Acquisition Student Read Chinese

Language Acquisition

Research shows that learning another language boosts cognition, makes the learner a better problem-solver, and improves ability to focus. At TNCS, students learn three languages: English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. Students interact in all three languages, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Supporting Learners Through Every Stage

We provide continuity between divisions to ensure that our students feel safe, secure, and ready to tackle new challenges.





Academic Focus

Students at TNCS participate in rich and varied programs, building confidence and a love of learning as they progress through the school’s divisions. Our progressive curricula encompass:

  • Modern World Languages
  • The Arts
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
  • Global Studies
  • . . . And more!

Emily3rd Grade Student

We do a lot of science experiments and we learn about a lot of different countries. I like that we have really nice teachers, and I also like reading time before class.


3rd-Grade Student

TNCS’s approach combines small, mixed-age classrooms, personal choice, and a focus on the whole child, allowing students to develop leadership skills and executive function.