2021–2022 Extracurricular Activities

NOTE: For health and safety reasons, Extended Care and ECAs are temporarily running differently than in years past.

TNCS offers a range of extracurricular activities (ECAs) after the school day is over. Enrollment is optional. ECAs are offered on a quarterly basis.

After Care as well as non–After Care students are welcome to register for extracurricular activities.  For the 2021–2022 school year, After Care Clubs are included in the price of After Care; specialty activities require an additional fee.

After-School Extracurricular Activities—more ways to have fun and keep learning!

Important Information: 2021–2022 Extracurricular Activities

  • Activities run quarterly, on school days only (no holidays or inclement weather days).
  • You may register for future quarters at any time. Payment is made through FACTS.
  • ECAs are led either by TNCS staff or by trusted third-party providers. Fees for specialty activities vary by activity.
  • Age and grade restrictions also vary by activity. While some activities are available for children as young as age 4, most ECAs are geared toward Elementary and Middle School students in Grades K–8.
  • ECAs start at 3:45 pm, just after regular dismissal.
  • For the 2021–2022 school year, After Care Clubs are included in the price of After Care. Non–After Care families may enroll in After Care Clubs for a fee ($125 per quarter for clubs that meet once per week and $250 per quarter for clubs that meet twice per week.)
  • Specialty ECAs, such as Modern Masters, are priced by activity. A discount may be applied to After Care families.  
  • When we are able to offer offsite programs, TNCS provides transportation to partner organizations.
  • ECAs must meet a minimum enrollment to run, and TNCS may cancel an ECA at any time due to low enrollment. In the event an ECA is canceled, you will receive a refund for the canceled portion.

At a Glance: 2021–2022 After Care Clubs & Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities start the second week of school beginning September 6, 2021.

Activity  Grades Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Day(s)
Girls On the Run 3rd–5th Θ       MW
Girls On the Run 6th–8th Θ       MW
Book Club 2nd–5th Θ       W
Science Club 2nd–8th Θ       M–F
Walking Fells Point 2nd–8th   Θ     M
Board Game Club K–5th   Θ     W
Computer Coding Club 2nd–8th     Θ   M–F
Handcraft Club 1st–4th     Θ Θ M
Ally Club 6th–8th     Θ   M
Book Club 2nd–8th     Θ   Tu
STEM Club 1st–3rd     Θ   Th
Yearbook Club 6th–8th     Θ Θ W
Jewelry Making Club 2nd–5th       Θ W
Historic Preservation Club 3rd–5th       Θ Th
Modern Masters* K–8th Θ Θ Θ Θ Tu

*This activity has an additional fee for After Care students.

Limited Virtual ECAs Available

Extracurricular Program Descriptions

Board Game Club

About Board Game Club

Students have a variety of board games to choose from and learn teamwork, independence, and how to lose gracefully! This is an excellent club for students who want to unwind with a brain-stimulating activity after school.


Book Club

About Book Club

Explore new books. Students discuss their readings over the week and collect book recommendations from their classmates!


Girls on the Run Heart & Sole

About Girls on the Run Heart & Sole

Girls on the Run is an evidence based, physical activity based program for students who identify as female or non-binary.

During the program, students learn specific strategies and skills for emotion management, helping others, making intentional decisions, and resolving conflict.


Handcraft Club

About Handcraft Club

Students utilize their creativity to make handcrafted items!


Historic Preservation Club

About the Historic Preservation Club

The Historic Preservation Club helps students understand how history is passed down and transmitted from generation to generation.

Modern Masters

About Modern Masters

Q1: Mail Art & More!

Mail Art is a movement of art, which involves sending small scale works of art through the Post office. Given the recent pandemic and limitations on seeing people in person, it brought to mind days gone by. Days when the post was so important for connection and communication with loved ones. Mail Art will explore the idea of connecting with others through mail and art. Students in this class will create a variety of pieces of art that can be viewed on their own as “art” or mailed to a loved one or pen pal. Students will explore different themes each week and will use a variety of materials to create a “mailable” work of art. Materials may include collage, acrylic paints, colored pencils, mixed media, print making and more.

Q2: Pop Art

Students in this class will explore the art of Wayne Thiebaud, Jasper Johns, Keith Herring, Andy Warhol and more. Projects may include creating a desert themed work of art, Painting in the style of Jasper Johns, Action Art based on Keith Herring and more! Materials may include: Painting, Sculpture, Paper Mache’, Drawing, and more.

>h4>Q3 : Contemporary Kids Returns

This class will explore the works of contemporary artists such as:
Douglas Coupland, Kara Walker, Samuel Bak, George Baselitz, and others. Students will try experimenting with a variety of techniques and materials. Will have fun drawing images upside down, creating silhouettes, landscapes and more. Materials may include drawing materials, painting, photography, chalk, and cut paper.

Q4: Monumental Movements from around the World

This class will look at lesser known, yet significant, art movements from around the globe. They may include movements in Brazil, France, Mexico, and the United States (among others). Projects will be designed to explore the power of art in making change. Students will be encouraged to bring their personal views and values to their creations in a new way. Materials may include painting (acrylic, watercolor), mixed media on canvas, magazine transfers, charcoal drawing, and more.



About STEM Club

This club helps students explore the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math!


Walking Club

Walking Club

Walk around beautiful Fells Point, learning about the history and locations of important places around our school!


Yearbook Club

About Yearbook Club

Students use technology and their own creative skills to complete sections for TNCS’s 2021–2022 Yearbook!