Information for Registered Campers 2024

This page is for families who are enrolled in TNCS camps and summer programs.

Below you’ll find information about attending camp, including:

Register for additional camps, add Extended Care, or complete required forms.

Summer Camp Hours

Before Care Preprimary Summer Program Primary Fun Camp K–8 Camps After Care
7:30 am until the start of camp

Ages 2–3
8:45 am–3:30 pm

Ages 3½ –5
8:45 am–3:30 pm

K–88:30 am–3:30 pm

All Ages/Grades
3:30 pm–6:00 pm


Drop-off Procedures

Before Care Drop Off
7:30 am–8:15 am
Park on the street and drop off at the side door with the green awning.


  • Monday is check-in day; walk up to the table at your scheduled arrival time to check in.
  • Your child will be given a name tag (sticker) that details their information for the week (e.g., session name, group, add-ons).

K–8 Drop Off
8:15 am–8:30 am
K–8 campers should plan to arrive before 8:30 am.

Preschool Drop Off
8:30 am–8:45 am
Preschool participants should plan to arrive before 8:45 am.

  • Walkers: Walk through the gate and use the sidewalk; please do not walk in the driveway
  • Drivers: Use the car line (Tuesday–Friday only). Please remember to drive slowly.
  • Vehicles are not permitted—for any period of time—alongside the north building in the fire zone, in front of the rowhome garages, or in Sanctuary Body Works parking spots.

Late Arrivals
8:45 am or later
Park on the street and drop-off at the side door with the green awning.

Pick-up Procedures

Early Dismissal
Anytime before 3:30 pm
Walk or park on the street and pick-up at the door with the green awning. 

Regular Dismissal
3:30 pm–3:45 pm
Use the car line or walk to the door with the green awning. 

After Care Dismissal
3:45 pm–6:00 pm
Park on the street or in the school’s parking lot, and pick-up at the door with the green awning.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no parking at any time of the day or evening in the Union Box and Sanctuary Body Works designated spaces, parking along the side of the north building in the fire zone, or blocking of the Merchant’s Point rowhomes garage doors at any time, for any reason, even for a short moment of time. Parking includes occupying the space for any length of time whether someone is in the car or not.

What to Bring

  • Sunscreen
  • Hat or visor to wear outdoors
  • Water bottle
  • Lunch with cold pack (if not registered for lunch program)
  • Change of clothes


  • Preschool Only: Pack a bag with a blanket or sheet, a pillow and any other items needed for nap time.
  • K–8 Only: Pack a snack! (Snacks are provided in preschool programs.)

Lunch and Snacks

If you are not signed up for TNCS’s lunch program, please pack a lunch that does not require refrigeration or heating. Children enrolled in preschool receive two snacks per day. Children in elementary programs should pack snacks from home.

Absolutely no peanuts, tree nuts, or shellfish are allowed in TNCS due to severe student allergies.

Additional Authorized Pick-up

Authorize friends or family members to pick up your child in CampDoc >Trusted Contacts.

Absences, Late Arrivals, and Early Pick-ups

To report absences, late drop-offs, or early pick-ups, please fill out the online reporting form.

Clothing and Footwear

Your child should dress in comfortable seasonally appropriate clothing for camp. Note that shorts are required under dresses.

For safety reasons, open-toed shoes, flip-flops, and sandals are NOT permitted.

Cell Phone Policy

Children are not permitted to use cell phones or electronic devices while at camp. Unauthorized cell phone use may result in the device being taken away and safely stored. Devices will be returned to the child only upon their departure from campus.

Adding Extended Care

If you have not registered for weekly Extended Care and would like to add it for any particular week, please sign in to your CampDoc account.


Preschool Water Play Fridays

Children in Primary Fun Camp have the opportunity to enjoy water play most Fridays in summer. Campers should arrive in swimsuits or clothes that can get wet and bring a towel and complete change of clothes in a zip-top bag. Please remember to label all items with first and last name.

Water Play may not happen because of inclement weather or special events. Notifications are sent to families on on Thursdays when we know that Water Play will not take place the following day.

Learn More About Summer at TNCS

Wellness at TNCS

The health and safety of our students and staff is our top priority. TNCS has a multi-prong approach to support wellness and prevent disease transmission including optional mask wearing for students and staff, routine hand washing, continuous air exchange, and self-reporting. TNCS stays up to date on guidelines and recommendations from the CDC, Maryland Department of Health, MSDE, and the Maryland Office of Child Care (OCC).