Primary Summer Camp 2018 (Ages 3–5)

Our summer camp for primary students features a welcoming environment full of learning and fun. Each week we focus on a different theme, gathering information and data through our senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell) and filling our days with games, singing and dancing, outdoor adventures, and other fun activities.

Weekly tuition is $330. Add-ons such as extended care and lunch are available for an additional cost.

Registration for Summer Camp 2018 Is Open!

Primary Fun Camp: 2018 Week-by-Week Calendar

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9
6/18 to 6/22/18 6/25 to 6/29/18 7/2 to  7/6/18 7/9 to 7/13/18 7/16 to 7/20/18 7/23 to 7/27/18 7/30 to 8/3/18 8/6 to 8/10/18 8/13 to 8/17/18
Fun with Sports & Games Fun with Food Fun with Holidays Fun with Nature Fun with Letters & Numbers Fun with Transportation Fun with Music Fun with Water Fun with Science

More About Our Weekly Camp Themes

Week 1: Fun with Sports & Games
Children will exercise their gross and fine motor skills while enjoying a variety of sports and games designed to build concentration, strength, speed, and skill.
Week 2: Fun with Food
Young chefs will prepare, cook, serve, and devour deliciously fun foods while learning about healthy choices.
Week 3: Fun with Holidays
Celebrations abound with visits to various holidays and a look at why and how we honor them.
Week 4: Fun with Nature
Campers will dive into natural science and discover what lives in our land, air, and sea.
Week 5: Fun with Letters & Numbers
Children will explore how letters and numbers are a part of our daily environment. They will discover unique ways to create and use letters and numbers.
Week 6: Fun with Transportation
Children love to go, go, go! We’ll explore some of the many ways to get from here to there.
Week 7: Fun with Music
We begin music camp by exploring music’s many uses, and then we discover how anything can be an instrument! Children will experience conventional and unconventional instruments.
Week 8: Fun with Water
Grab your suits and towels! Children will enjoy various activities involving water. Specific activities may depend on weather.
Week 9: Fun with Science
How did you do that? Our young scientists will discover how while performing hands-on experiments.

Summer Fun

Children have ample opportunities to be active this summer either in our outdoor playground or on the Gerstung equipment and Imagination Playground located in our gym.

We offer “water play day” every Friday, which includes time for the children to play with water toys outside and run in the sprinkler. On temperate days, the class will spend additional time outdoors such as by doing daily lessons, eating lunch and snack, gardening in the greenhouse, and taking neighborhood walks.

Enrollment Details

Children entering kindergarten may join the primary camp or may be eligible for some of our elementary camps. Sign up for as many or as few camp weeks as you like.

Primary campers must be fully toilet-trained (wearing underwear) and dressed in clothing that promotes independence, such as bottoms with elastic waistbands and shoes with velcro fasteners.