Elementary & Middle School Summer Camps 2023 (Grades K–8)

Camp begins June 12, 2023 for elementary and middle school students. Our week-long sessions include: Musical Theater, A Taste of Korea, STEAM Studio, Modern Masters Art Camp, and Chinese and Spanish Language Immersion Camps.

The full calendar and detailed descriptions can be found below.

TNCS offers a full range of summer camps for K to Grade 8 students.

Summer 2023 Camps for Grades K–8

Camps for elementary and middle school students are fun, varied, and educational. Please check the eligible ages and camp weeks carefully; you may not enroll your child in more than one camp in the same week. 

K–8 Summer Camp: 2023 Week-by-Week Calendar


Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10
6/12-6/16 6/19-6/23 6/26-
7/10-7/14 7/17-
Chinese Immersion: Crafty Kids
  Passage to India
Backyard Botany
  Zoological Wonders
Adventure Camp
  Spanish Immersion: Adventures in Fell’s Point
  A Taste of Korea
Let’s Get Cheered Up

Modern Masters: Masterpieces in Art

Modern Masters: Art Around the World
Modern Masters: Pet Portraits
Masters: Contem-porary Kids
    Modern Masters: Masks & More
Modern Masters: Modern Art
Modern Masters:
World Festivals

*Week 4—No camp on Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Tuition: K–8 Specialty Camps—$340/wk; K–8 Modern Masters—$330/wk

Add-Ons: Before Care from 7:30 am—$35/wk; After Care until 5:00 pm—$60/wk; After Care until 6:00 pm—$70/wk; Lunch—$40/wk

Art & Music Camps

Drumming: Rhythm and Beats

Drumming: Rhythm and Beats with Mr. Warren

A-one-two-three, let’s get drumming! Campers will explore different drumming techniques and styles, learn about the history of drums and percussion instruments, and work to improve their skills and abilities. Participants will also have the chance to collaborate with other musicians and explore different genres of music, from traditional African rhythms to contemporary pop and rock.

In addition to the musical activities, Drumming: Rhythm and Beats will also provide opportunities for campers to engage in outdoor activities and team-building exercises. 

Modern Masters Art

Modern Masters Art with Hilary Christian

Modern Masters Art is taught by Hilary Christian during both the summertime and the school year. Each session of this popular camp includes a variety of mixed media, such as drawing, painting, sculpting, printmaking, and collage.

Join us for an artistic trip around the world. Through hands-on activities and creative projects, campers will have the opportunity to develop their artistic skills while exploring different cultures and their art forms. They will also have the chance to create their own masterpieces, inspired by the diverse traditions and styles they encounter.

This week, students will create unique portraits of their best furry friends using images of pets (and other favorite animals). They’ll learn techniques for enlarging photographs, transferring images, and more. They’ll create portraits in a variety of styles, which may include Pop Art, Kehinde Wiley, and Post Impressionism, among others. Students are asked to bring images of their favorite pet(s) on the first day of camp.

This week’s camp will focus on creating art that uses fabric and fibers. Students will learn about modern approaches to weaving, using recyclable materials. Projects may include a weaving or a dream catcher using recyclables, resist dying, batik, and mola art. This is a 4-day session. There is no camp on Tuesday, July 4, 2023.

This week, students will be introduced to the art of Japanese Neo-pop artist Takashi Murakami, Japanese Pop Artist Yayoi Kusama, and American artist Kara Walker. Projects may include creating a Pumpkin/Optical Illusion in the style of Kusama, a 3D sculpture inspired by Takashi Murakami, and Kara Walker-inspired cut paper silhouettes focusing on a modern day issue (such as climate change).

This class will capture the imagination and explore the unthinkable, through creative storytelling, painting, and drawing. Students will learn basic painting techniques, such as mixing colors and application. They will incorporate patterns into their work and learn about the power of positive and negative space.

Students in camp this week will learn about Japanese art and culture, ranging from Kabuki Masks to Harajuku fashion—and of course the ever-popular Anime’! Projects may include making Koinobori or “carp streamers,” self-portraits “anime’ style,” decorative fans, and personal zen gardens.

This week, children explore the history of masks from other cultures. They are given the opportunity to design and create their own unique masks—as well as jewelry and other “costume” elements—using a wide range of materials such as beads, fabric, paint, and other art supplies. They can experiment with different colors, textures, and styles to bring their creations to life.

This week, students will learn about American artists Dale Chihuly and Frank Stella, British Artist Hester Coetzee, and Argentine-Italian Artist Lucio Fontana. Projects may include painting inspired by Hester Coetzee, sculpture in the styles of both Dale Chihuly and Frank Stella, and printmaking using Lucio Fontana for inspiration.

Finishing off the summer, come celebrate the rich cultural diversity of festivals from around the world. In the final week of Modern Masters, students will explore and enjoy both well-known and more obscure festivals. They’ll learn about the significance of each festival and the customs and traditions associated with them. And they’ll create lots of beautiful artwork inspired by them!

Musical Theater

Musical Theater with Martellies Warren

Join Mr. Warren for a rollicking fun week of musical theater!

Musical Theater camp is an exciting program that focuses on teaching young people the art of musical theater performance. Through a variety of fun and interactive activities, participants develop their singing, dancing, and acting skills, while also building confidence, teamwork, and creativity. This may include vocal exercises, choreography, and character development, as well as script analysis and performance techniques. Campers will also learn about the history of musical theater and explore different styles and genres of the art form. At the final day of the camp, students will have the opportunity to showcase their talents in a final performance for family, friends, and other guests.

Creative Academic Camps

Backyard Botany

Backyard Botany with Rob Brosius & Devin Martin

Join Mr. B and Ms. Martin for for an exciting week of science, art, and exploration. Through hands-on STEAM-centered activities and outdoor exploration, children will develop a deeper appreciation for the natural world and gain a greater understanding of the role that plants play in our ecosystem.

Read S’more

Read S’more with Karron Grant

Not many things are better than the great outdoors, sitting around a campfire, or staring at the stars. At Camp Read S’More, we will be traveling into the wilderness through books and activities connected to camping, hiking, and exploring nature. Making s’mores before reading a book by flashlight while snuggled into sleeping bags and blankets is just one way we will bring “the great outdoors” indoors! 

STEAM Studio

STEAM Studio with Rob Brosius & Devin Martin

What do tessellations have to do with quilting? How did the search for a cure for malaria lead to tie dye? Can you print with UV light? TNCS art teacher Ms. Devin and science teacher Mr. B are teaming up this summer to explore the amazing connections between visual art and science. Curious and creative campers will explore the science behind creative processes, conduct artistic experiments, and learn new ways to observe the world around them.
Stories in the Sun

Stories in the Sun with Sarah Weiskopf

What’s your story? Stories in the Sun is a summer enrichment camp that is designed to help young people discover the joy of storytelling. Let your imagination lead the way as you write fiction, fantasy, and personal narratives. Construct new worlds and get into the heads of characters of your own invention. You’ll write short stories, record memories, and practice inserting dialogue into your text. We’ll participate in group discussions and workshop activities—and we’ll have lots of fun while collaborating together as creative writers.

Word Detectives

Word Detectives with Sarah Weiskopf

Children become detectives and explore mystery and nature stories. They are encouraged to look for details or scout out items in real life. A variety of reading materials and activities will be used.

Zoological Wonders

Zoological Wonders with Rob Brosius & Devin Martin

Join Mr. B and Ms. Martin for another exciting week of science, art, and exploration. Zoological Wonders is a camp that is designed to engage and inspire children with a passion for animals and nature. During this camp, children will explore the world of zoology and learn about the amazing beauty and diversity of animal life on our planet.

Health & Fitness Camps

Let’s Get Cheered Up

Let’s Get Cheered Up with Sierra McNeill

Let’s Get Cheered Up provides a safe and inclusive environment that encourages participants to push themselves and develop their skills while also having fun and being active. During camp, students will learn and practice a range of cheerleading skills, including stunts, tumbling, jumps, and dance routines. They will also learn about the importance of teamwork, communication, and leadership in cheerleading, and will work together to develop their own routines and performances.

Adventure Camp

Adventure Camp with Karron Grant or Sarah Weiskopf

Each day brings a new adventure in this fun and lively camp. Whether you’re eager to try new things, or looking to expand your horizons, you’ll enjoy a range of fun and diverse activities. Mr. Grant will lead the camp in Week 8 and Ms. Weiskopf will lead in Week 9.



Become a Yinja (or Yoga Ninja) in this playful and engaging camp that combines the fascinating science and history of mindfulness, the martial art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and social emotional learning opportunities to build inner strength and compassion. Mind Body Therapist Kristi Jenkins and Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor and yoga teacher Rafael Jenkins bring STEM-based experiments, crafts, and ninja team building competitions to engage your camper in mindful fitness and fun!

Some activities over the two weeks this camp is offered include:

  • Ninja obstacle courses and quests
  • Creative Crafts: Mindfulness Jar, Puppets, Mandalas, Body Maps, Wellness Wheels
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu self defense fundamentals
  • Introduction to Chess 
  • Hands on STEM experiments: breath races, “Flipping Your Lid,” science of sound, movement experiments

Language Immersion & Cultural Camps

Chinese Immersion Camp: Crafty Kids

Chinese Immersion Camp: Crafty Kids with Joan Cui

This year’s Chinese Immersion Camp combines language learning and practice with creating amazing crafts.

A Taste of Korea

A Taste of Korea with Kyung Sharon

Come explore the rich culture and traditions of Korea through its cuisine. Participants will learn about the history and significance of Korean food, as well as the techniques and ingredients used to create some of Korea’s most beloved dishes.

During the camp, students will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on cooking projects. They will learn about the different types of ingredients that are commonly used in Korean cuisine, as well as the spices and seasonings that give these dishes their unique and delicious flavors.

Passage to India

Passage to India with Nameeta Sharma

This lively camp brings Indian culture to TNCS through music, dance, movies, food, and art–like henna! The students all also get an hour per day of fun math tricks and games. Students will learn to dance to Indian songs, explore the tastes and sounds of Indian culture, and have an all-around blast!

This camp is offered in two different weeks and activities will differ week to week.

Spanish Immersion: Adventures in Fell's Point

Spanish Immersion: Adventures in Fell’s Point

This year, Spanish immersion camp takes campers outdoors for a big part of each day, practicing their language skills while on daily neighborhood walks and other adventures in Fell’s Point.

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