ARCHIVE:Elementary & Middle School Summer Camps 2020 (Grades K–9)

ANNOUNCEMENT: TNCS is offering a limited number of on site camps for Elementary and Middle School students. Camps follow safety protocols as established in the EPCC program. The camps are:

  • Art Camp: Grades K–8th, Weeks 6–10 (July 20, 2020–August 21, 2020)
  • STEAM Labs: Grades 3–8th, Week 7 (July 27, 2020–July 31, 2020)
  • STEAM Labs Junior: Grades K–3rd, Week 10 (August 17, 2020–August 21, 2020)

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2020 Summer Camps for Grades K–9: Sessions Week-by-Week

*Camps in bold are running.* All other camps have been canceled. Rising-K students may alternatively enroll in Primary Fun Camp, which is offered on site Weeks 4 through 10.

E/M Specialty Camps, Grades Vary by Session
Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Wk 5 Wk 6 Wk 7 Wk 8 Wk 9 Wk 10
6/15–6/19 6/22–6/26 6/29–7/2 7/6–7/10 7/13–7/17 7/20–7/24 7/27–7/31 8/3–8/7 8/10–8/14 8/17–8/21
Play-Well LEGO Pokémon
Culinary World Tour
  Parkour Junior
Read S’more
Parkour Junior
Chinese Culture Camp
Carnival of the Animals
Harry Potter
*STEAM Labs Jr.
Opt Outside
Opt Outside
Chinese Immersion
Chinese Immersion
Book it!
Spanish Immersion
Curry & Coconuts
A Week of Improv
Art Camp, Grades K–8
Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Wk 5 Wk 6 Wk 7 Wk 8 Wk 9 Wk 10
Awesome Animals Charm City Art   Art & Artists Art & Nature Mythical
Magical Creatures
*Art &
*Birds, Bugs
& Butterflies*
*Visionary Art* *Under the Sea* *Art Around the World*


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2020 Summer Camp (Original Descriptions)

Art Camp

About Art Camp

This summer, TNCS is pleased to once again offer art camp. Open to children who are entering kindergarten through grade 8, these weekly themed camps will inspire your child to embrace the world of art.

This year, art camp is taught by wonderful independent art teachers. Raine Dawn teaches weeks 5 and 7–10 and has been making art since she was a child. Her love for creating has developed into a lifelong career. Ms. Dawn is a Baltimore County public school Art Educator and intuitive artist. She enjoys painting murals and creating energetic paintings as well as custom art. She is also an intuitive henna artist, which is one of her favorite ways to share her gifts. Her passion for art is only outweighed by her passion to teach others. Ms. Dawn facilitates a safe space for children and adults of all ages for learning how to navigate through life in a creative and expressive way.

Week 6 is taught by Rob Brosious, a renowned science and math teacher with a passion for art.

Week 1: Awesome Animals
The world of animals, insects, and birds is magical and inspiring. Join us as we use art to both represent and interpret the animal world. Camp may include drawing from life of a furry friend, reptile, or even a bird! From basic paintings of dogs and cats, to sock monkey puppets, to animal habitats (think jungles and the sea!), we will explore the lively and mysterious world of the creatures that share our planet. Join us for this lively and entertaining week!

Week 2: Charm City Art
Baltimore, affectionately known as Charm City, sits between NYC and DC and has its own unique art and artists. During this fun and informative week we will explore our own home town through painting, drawing, crafts, and sculpture. We will get to know our landmarks and symbols–such as the Domino Sugar sign, the Ravens, and the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, including the blue crabs! Come be inspired by our local artists–from the Baltimore Glass Man to Grace Hartigan. Join us for this celebration of Baltimore and its art! 

Week 3: Art & Artists
Let’s take a look at wonderful, creative artists, past and present, and see what we can learn from them! This is a hands-on class that involves a variety of different media – we may look at Calder and make mobiles, Chagall and create our own dreamscapes, Van Gogh and paint a starry night with our own landscape, or city scenes like Jacob Lawrence. But that’s not all! How about sculpture like Louise Nevelson, or paintings by Frida Kahlo and Amy Sherald to inspire our own portrait work? With so many great historical and contemporary artists to choose from, the possibilities are endless! Join us for a fun way to learn about artists, and to practice it ourselves!

Week 4: Art & Nature
Nature has always inspired artists. How does light reflect off of water, or during a sunrise or sunset? How do trees appear individually or in a forest? How do the seasons and times of day change the same landscape? The outside world is a powerful tool for our inner imagination. Through painting, drawing, leaf rubbings, clay pressings, plein-air painting, sponge paintings of trees, and closer looks at beetles, dragonflies and birds, we will celebrate nature through our art!

Week 5: Mythical, Magical Creatures
From unicorns and mermaids, to dragons and fantastic beasts, we will enter a world of wonder and magic! Paintings, sculptures, and crafts are all included in this fun and versatile week of myth and magic. Paint a unicorn, or create a beautiful unicorn horn to wear! Build a fairy house, or craft a dragon from clay! We will look to Harry Potter, Where the Wild Things Are, Disney, and popular myths and stories for inspiration. Join us for this fun, creative week!

Week 6: Art & Science
Environmental science, chemistry, geology and geography can all be accessed through art. Whether we are making casts of dinosaur bones, or combining various ingredients to make lava for a volcano, or to create the best goo, the most pliable clay, or a resistant glue, science is present, and art is the result. Lots of projects, experiments, and fun in this week of camp!

Week 7: Birds, Bugs & Butterflies
Artists have always found inspiration from the natural world. We will look at Chinese scroll paintings of cranes at the river’s edge, Audubon’s detailed and realistic renderings of all sorts of birds, Picasso’s white dove drawings, the entomology of insects, and contemporary art of birds on a branch, ants on a log, and butterflies in flight! Let’s be inspired to create our own paintings and drawings, as well as birds, bugs, and butterflies made from clay and beads, or felt and yarn. We will create environments for our nature friends, whether they are city pigeons, penguins in the Antarctic, or insects in the rainforest. Join us for a wonderful week of birds, bugs, butterflies and art!

Week 8: Visionary Art
What do we mean by Visionary Art? Visionary art means listening to your own inner voice, and using those ideas to create art. All sorts of materials and techniques, including traditional paints and brushes, mosaics, sculpture and drawing, to toothpicks, cardboard and found objects, will be used in this unique and exciting class. Inspiration can be found everywhere–from famous artists to our own lives and the world around us. Be inspired in this fun and fabulous week of art!

Week 9: Under the Sea
Water covers more than two-thirds of our planet. Within it, we find amphibious life of all description, and fauna and flora that exist only in the mysterious world of the sea. This camp celebrates the waters of planet Earth–through painting, drawings, sculpture, and of course the use of water in art projects! The geology of the ocean, the uses of the ocean, the wonder of the sea–it’s a watery week of imaginative fun!  

Week 10: Art Around the World
Let’s take a trip around the world, exploring art as we go. Create your own ancient Greek vase. Explore the calligraphy and printmaking of Japan, the Batik textiles of Indonesia, the landscapes of France and Italy, or the aboriginal art of Australia. Join us to explore and create Art from different cultures–around the world!

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A Week of Improv

About A Week of Improv

Join actor, storyteller, and teaching artist Alexandra Hewett for a week of improvisational fun. Children will learn about sketch comedy, work on improv skills through games and activities, and write and perform their own comedy sketches, There will be a performance on the last day of camp.

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Book It!

About Book It!

Join Jia Lui, a professional picture book writer and illustrator, and go “behind the scenes” of how books are made. Focus on storytelling and explore different book formats, like making zines, short comics, picture books, or graphic novels. Explore paper engineering in storytelling. Have fun playing story games, and try your hand at book binding. You’ll also get to choose your favorite book format for a weekly project. 

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Carnival of the Animals

About The Carnival of the Animals

Join Jia Liu, a professional picture book writer and illustrator, for an upbeat animal themed camp based on the humorous musical suite about animals by the French Romantic composer Camille Saint-Saëns. Children will enjoy moving to the music, creating animal art, exploring different techniques–such as collage and wire art–and engaging in story telling in this fun-filled week.

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Chinese Culture Camp

About Chinese Culture Camp

In Chinese Culture Camp, campers will explore Chinese culture through arts and crafts, singing and dancing, playing traditional games, and even through their palates! Students will practice t’ai chi daily, and arts and crafts will include Chinese paper-cutting. Many of the week’s activities will help students cultivate patience and mindfulness.

This camp is a great complement to Chinese Language Immersion Camp (Weeks 3 and 4). However, Culture Camp is conducted in English, and non-Chinese language speakers are encouraged to join.

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Culinary World Tour

About Culinary World Tour

Join Ms. Klusewitz for a week that’s sure to expand your culinary palate. You’ll prepare delicious international vegan dishes while you learn about cultures, daily life, traditions, and foods that are popular to different areas.

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Curry & Coconuts

About Curry & Coconuts

Spice up your summer and let Ms. Sharma guide you through some of the rich culinary tradition of India. Campers will prepare Indian dishes and compile a cookbook of the recipes they cooked during the week. Campers will also explore other facets of Indian food and celebrations, including music and dance. You’ll try classic styles of Indian folk dance and perform dance steps to popular Bollywood hits.

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Chinese Language Immersion

About Chinese Language Immersion Camp

In TNCS’s Chinese Immersion Summer Camps, students entering grades 1 through 8 can experience Mandarin Chinese. By listening, watching, and learning—and using the language throughout the day in a variety of modes—they will increase their knowledge and improve proficiency. Cultural learning and activities, such as cooking, dance, and drumming, are also a big part of this fun, stimulating environment. Students will be divided into groups based on age and ability in Mandarin Chinese so that instruction can be tailored to individual needs. Sign up for 1 or both weeks!

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Opt Outside

About Opt Outside

Want to experience summer break filled with fresh air, good times, and new adventures? Well look no further! Opt Outside is an outdoor adventure camp where students will fill their days with sunshine, hiking, picnicking, and swimming as they explore places in Baltimore and beyond each day. This camp will instill a spirit of adventure, an appreciation for nature, and allow your children to develop strong relationships with their peers while having fun outdoors. Transportation and park admission is included in the price of this camp.

The camp is led by Ms. Daphnee Hope, who says, “Being a former camp counselor, I am very passionate about teaching children how to love and appreciate the beauty that nature offers us. I think it is very important to make time to be outdoors and learn to see ourselves as a small part of the world. Hiking is also one of my passions and I am looking forward to sharing that with my campers. Also, I have been swimming competitively since I was 8 years old, and have a strong connection to the water and teaching children how to enjoy it responsibly.”

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Parkour Camp & Parkour Junior

About Parkour Camp and Parkour, Jr. by Urban Evolution

Parkour, Jr. (Grades K–2): For the younger urban athletes, Parkour offers the same creative obstacle courses to challenge their mental and physical abilities as in Parkour Camp, but tailored to their smaller size and younger age. It’s a great way to help kids change their ideas about fitness while helping them build self-esteem and encouraging them to work hard in a safe and fun environment! A typical day will start with an instructor-led warm-up and conditioning session, followed by learning parkour-related techniques. In addition to skill development, participants will take part in other fun activities and games, culminating at the end of the week with an obstacle course challenge or outdoor training (weather permitting).

On the last day of the camp, parents are invited to come watch the Ninja Graduation Ceremony, where aspiring ninjas will show off their newly acquired skills and complete a parkour obstacle course!

For more information, and to watch a video about parkour, visit the Urban Evolution website.

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Parkour Camp (Grades 2–8): Parkour offers creative obstacle courses to challenge your child’s mental and physical abilities. It’s a great way to help kids change their ideas about fitness while helping them build self-esteem and encouraging them to work hard in a safe and fun environment! A typical day will start with an instructor-led warm-up and conditioning session, followed by learning parkour-related techniques. In addition to skill development, participants will take part in other fun activities and games, culminating at the end of the week with an obstacle course challenge or outdoor training (weather permitting).

On the last day of the camp, parents are invited to come watch the Ninja Graduation Ceremony, where aspiring ninjas will show off their newly acquired skills and complete a parkour obstacle course!

For more information, and to watch a video about parkour, visit the Urban Evolution website.

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Play-Well TEKnologies

About Play-Well TEKnologies STEM Engineering Camp

The Play-Well program teaches children about engineering and architecture, using a project based learning approach. Campers build structural, and motorized, projects using LEGO® materials. Students work individually and in groups, and they are encouraged to use their own creativity beyond the core projects. It’s an interactive and super fun way to gain knowledge!

STEM and Pokémon with LEGO® Materials: Gear up for a full-day LEGO® camp packed with hands-on and minds-on STEM fun! In this challenge-based program build dizzying Teacup Rides, customized Cuckoo clocks, and the historic Wright Flyer. Then surf with Blastoise, face Team Rocket, and earn badges from gym leaders on your way to the Pokémon League. Challenge yourself in the world of Engineering and Pokémon in this new full-day themed camp for LEGO® fanatics!

STEM and Harry Potter with LEGO® Materials: Prepare for LEGO® camp packed with hands-on and minds-on STEM fun! Build projects inspired by cool machines such as: chugging Steamboats, enchanting Moon Bridges, and bustling Airports. Then find Platform 9 3/4, travel to school on the Hogwarts Express, and challenge the Hungarian Horntail Dragon. Engineering and Wizardry are the focus of this new full-day themed camp for LEGO® fanatics! 

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Read S'more

About Read S’more

Not many things are better than the great outdoors, sitting around a campfire, or staring at the stars. At Camp Read S’More, we will be traveling into the wilderness through books and activities connected to camping, hiking, and exploring nature. Making s’mores before reading a book by flashlight while snuggled into sleeping bags and blankets is just one way we will bring “the great outdoors” indoors! 
This camp will be run by Kait Gentry, the learning specialist at Calvert School where she has taught for the last 12 years. As inspiration for this camp, Kait has developed a love of camping and hiking by helping to lead summer hiking trips to places like New Hampshire, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado for Lower and Middle School students. “

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Spanish Language Immersion

About Spanish Language Immersion Camp

The TNCS Spanish Immersion Summer Camp program for elementary and middle school students offers a fun-filled learning environment where differentiation is built in to daily learning. We offer a challenging and inspiring program to children of different language abilities, from novice to advanced. The entire day will be spent immersed in the Spanish language, experiencing culture through art, literature, cooking, and recreational sports.

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STEAM Labs & STEAM Labs Jr.

About STEAM Labs

During STEAM Labs, campers explore how science, technology, engineering, and math are used in art. Children undertake many experiments and tests that encourage curiosity and discovery. Experiments will vary based on age but may include: building a strong bridge with limited materials, formulating our own paint, and understanding the theory behind marbling art.

STEAM Labs is designed to encourage problem solving and innovation–and to make sure children have fun while doing it!

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