Meet Our Faculty and Staff

Administrative Staff

Roberta Faux

Founder and Co-Executive Director

Shara Khon Duncan

Head of School

Mike Horvath

Facilities & Purchasing Manager

Danielle Dutreix-Moomau

Kitchen Manager

Funke Sholola


Jennifer Lawner

Founder and Co-Executive Director

Alicia Cooper Danyali

Head of Preschool/Dean of Service Learning

Suzannah Hopkins

Admissions Director

Hannah Brown

After Care and Summer Camp Director

Adriana DuPrau

Curriculum Coordinator

Housekeeping Staff

Kibnesh Anebo

Head Cook

Mañuel Cueva

Head Gardener, Kitchen and Facilities Support

Arelis Laviera

Head Cleaner

Elementary School and Middle School Instructors

Javan Bowden

Music Teacher

Taryn Klusewitz

Math and Science, Grades 3–4

Lindsey Sandkuhler

English Language Arts and Math, Grades K–1

Pei Ge

Mandarin, Global Studies, and Science, Grades K–1

Loretta Lee

English Language Arts and Global Studies, Grades 2–3

Fabiola Sanzana

Spanish Grammar, Writing, and Literature, Grades K–8

Daphnee Hope

English Language Arts and Global Studies, Grades 5–8

Wei Li

Mandarin Chinese Language, Grades 2–8

Nameeta Sharma

Math and Science, Grades 5–8

Jake Hayden (Coppermine)

Physical Education Teacher

Jia Liu

Art, Grades K–8

Montessori Preschool Instructors (Primary)

Elizabeth Bowling

Montessori Lead Teacher

Maria Mosby

Montessori Lead Teacher

Lisa Reynolds

Montessori Lead Teacher

Preschool Instructors (Preprimary Language Immersion Program)

Laura Noletto

Spanish Lead Teacher

Elizabeth Salas-Viaux

Spanish Lead Teacher

Donghui Song

Mandarin Lead Teacher