Meet Our Faculty and Staff

School Leadership

Roberta Faux

Founder and Co-Executive Director

Erika Johnson

Head of School

Ann Marie Simonetti

Director of Admissions and Marketing, Montessori Programming Advisor

Mike Horvath

Facilities & Purchasing Manager

Jennifer Lawner

Founder and Co-Executive Director

Terriann Lane

Preschool Coordinator

Alexis Watson

Director of Student Support

Martellies Warren

Director of Music and Extended Activities

Administrative Support

James "Lin" Yu


Jade Wells-White

Executive Assistant


Manuel Cueva

Head Cook, Gardener, and Facilities Support

Arelis Laviera

Head Cleaner

John Moomau

Chef and Kitchen Manager

Elementary School and Middle School Instructors

Robert Brosius

Science Teacher, Grades K–8

Devin Martin

Art Teacher, Grades K–8

Jingqiong Cui

Homeroom Advisor, Science, Global Studies, Grades K–1; Mandarin Chinese Teacher, Grades K–3

Swati Mehta

Homeroom Advisor, Math Teacher, Grades 2–4

Sierra McNeill

Homeroom Advisor, Grades 7–8; ELA Teacher, Grades 5–8

Sarah Weiskopf

Homeroom Advisor, ELA Teacher, Grades 2–4

Charlotte Longchamps

Homeroom Advisor, ELA and Math Teacher, Grades K–1

Nameeta Sharma

Homeroom Advisor, Grades 4–5; Math Teacher, Grades 4–8

Preschool, Primary Program

Yanely Pozo

Montessori Lead Teacher

Kyung Sharon

Montessori Lead Teacher

Nita Garcia

Montessori Lead Teacher in Training

Preschool, Preprimary Program

Mariana Garcia

Spanish Lead Teacher

Shary Wang

Mandarin Chinese Lead Teacher