Job Opening: Immersion Teacher

Job Description

  • Provide an instruction program bilingually for students from first to fifth grade; Teach spoken and written Mandarin Chinese language;
  • Plan and modify appropriate instructional/learning strategies and activities; Prepare teaching materials such as syllabi and handouts that reinforce cultural and ethnic customs; Initiate, facilitate, and moderate classroom discussions; Assign and grade homework;
  • Administer and grade quizzes/tests; Assign in-class assignments and prepare in-class activities; Promote classroom discussion; Plan and execute instructional lessons, Write report cards, etc.;
  • Assess student abilities as related to desired educational goals, objectives, and outcomes; Implement an instructional program, which provides appropriate learning experiences for each student;
  • Continually assess student achievement and maintain appropriate assessment and evaluation documentation for reporting purposes; Evaluate student performance and provide feedback to parents; Meet monthly (or more often as necessary) with board of directors/academic coordinator;
  • Attend and participate in school functions that relate to position or teaching in support of the school community;
  • Understand and promote the school’s mission, purpose and objectives and policies to parents in a positive and supportive manner; etc.


  • Master’s Degree in Education or related field.
  • Fluency in Chinese.

How to Apply

Full-time. Patterson Park Montessori, LLC. Baltimore, MD.

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter and résumé to Please include the position you are applying for in the subject line of your email.